Vermont Runner Letter #2

Hello VT 100 Runners!

As I mentioned before there are going to be a lot of changes at this years race. If you have run with us before you will need to be sure to pay special attention as to not get yourself in trouble by just doing what you have done before.

One of the big changes your will see this year at the VT 100 is the flow of traffic. We have run into a spot of trouble with some of our neighbors and in trying to make sure that everyone is happy and wants to keep our event coming back every year we are making the following changes to reduce the amount of traffic on course and reroute most of it away from the most concerned parties.

*We will be strictly enforcing our rule that each runner may have only 1 crew car on course. Each runners crew will have to check in and be marked before they will be allowed on course. Cars who have not done this will not be allowed at aid stations.  More info on this:

*We will be instituting a Solo Division where extra prizes and bragging rights can be earned by those who complete the race with no crew or pacer, only using the aid that they pack into their drop bags and the items that are provided at aid stations. We have borrowed this idea from the MMT in Virginia, Thanks Kevin! More info on this:

*We will be routing all event traffic on specific roads to keep those that have been busiest in the past clear.  These routes will be up on the website and in the handler directions that are handed out at registration on Friday.

I will continue to remind you about these items but it is your job to be sure that your crews are up to date and in the right place during the event.


There is a new section up on our website aimed at your crews. Please let sure to look over the crew rules and to direct your crews to do the same. Over the years the things that get our event in the most hot water with the locals in the communities we run through tend to be related to crew attitudes and parking. The rules will be enforced strictly this year and we ask that you ask your crews to help us by policing themselves and the other crews. Peer pressure to present a positive face to the locals that we encounter is very important! Crews need to be conscious that we travel on local OPEN roads.  For your safety, they may seem infrequently traveled but they are public roads that locals travel on frequently and they are not expecting to have runners or crews blocking the roadway. More info:


If you find that you are no longer able to run, we offer a $100 refund of your entry fee and a $100 refund of your buy-out fee (if you paid this) until June 1st. After that date we can not offer refunds for withdrawing from the event, however there are folks on the waiting list who would love the opportunity to run if you find that you can not. Please e-mail Julia the RD at to withdraw from the event or with questions about this policy.


It is with sadness that I report that the 2014 VT 100 will be my last as the Race Director.  With my family and our farm growing, I am no longer able to dedicate the amount of time to the event that it deserves. I have enjoyed my 5 years as director, my 7 years as the assistant and my years as an aid station volunteer before that. The VT 100 ‘Regulars’ and Volunteers have become like a huge, awesome, extended family to me and I will miss them greatly. Hopefully you’ll all see me volunteering at an aid station in the future!

We are currently searching for a new Race Director who will continue the event, with the local race committee and help drive it to new heights. If you have any suggestions for an awesome RD or you are interested, please e-mail at


Everything on our website about the trail is subject to change until July. The aid station list and mileages will change between now and the beginning of July. These changes will also affect our Handler Directions so please ask your crews not to print anything until July! None of the changes will be massive, so the mileages between stations will be similar, but perhaps not exact.

Qualification (100 MILE runners only)

If you have not yet run your 50 mile qualifying race you must have completed this race (in 12 hours or less) and notified Deb the Registrar by June 1st, 2014 or you will not be allowed to run.

Service Requirement (ALL RUNNERS)

If you have not yet completed your 8 hours of volunteer time, you must do so and scan and e-mail or mail the form to Deb the Registrar by June 15th, 2014 or you will not be allowed to run.

The form can be printed here:

The Service Requirement may be met in the US or abroad at ANY ultra event of 50K or longer. Officially recognized trail maintenance of any 50K or longer race or local, state or national trail system that encourages recreation is also ALWAYS accepted. The VT 100 will usually accept time volunteered to youth running teams or clubs and any program that directly engages folks with disabilities in recreation. The service must take place during the 14 months before the race.

In the event that you are unable or unwilling to meet this requirement, you may instead pay a $150 service buyout fee. This can be paid on our online registration site or by check. The fee is due by the same June 15th deadline.


If you would like to sign up for a volunteer pacer, you may do so here:

Pacers are assigned on a first-come first-served basis, as volunteers become available.

Please let us know if you have any questions that are not answered on the website!

Join us on social media!





Again, Welcome to the VT 100 Family!

We look forward to seeing you in July!!

Julia Hutchinson O’Brien

Race Director

Deb Shearer



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