Vermont Runner Letter #1 – Welcome!

Welcome to the 2014 Edition of the VT 100 Endurance Race!

Congratulations on making it in! Each year in my memory, the VT 100 has filled a little bit faster than the year before. It used to be that we opened in October and were still open in June! Two years ago we filled in less than 2 months and it surprised us, last year we filled in just under 36 hours and again we were shocked. However, neither of those was anything compared to the complete awe that filled me as I watched the 2014 race fill up in 1 hour and 20 minutes! It’s great to see our ultra running family expanding so quickly!

So congratulations, you lucky runners! We will be seeing you in July!

In the past we have sent very minimal notes out to our participants between registration and race weekend. This year you can expect that to change! We have a whole lot of changes coming down the pipe this year and I’ll be sending out quite a few notes to keep you all apprised!

My first note to you is to please remember that everything on our website about the trail is subject to change until July. We will once again have the pleasure of running through the historical covered bridge in Taftsville like we used to before the damage done by Tropical Storm Irene, which will mean a slight reroute back to the previous trail and that we will not be running through the Village of Woodstock. This means that the aid station list and mileages will change between now and the beginning of July. These changes will also affect our Handler Directions so please ask your crews not to print anything until July! None of the changes will be massive, so the mileages between stations will be similar, but perhaps not exact.

Finally here are a few house keeping items that you will see on most notes from me:

Qualification (100 MILE runners only)
If you have not yet run your 50 mile qualifying race you must have completed this race (in 12 hours or less) and notified Deb the Registrar by June 1st, 2014 or you will not be allowed to run.

Service Requirement (ALL RUNNERS)
If you have not yet completed your 8 hours of volunteer time, you must do so and scan and e-mail or mail the form to Deb the Registrar by June 15th, 2014 or you will not be allowed to run.
The form can be printed here:
The Service Requirement may be met in the US or abroad at ANY ultra event of 50K or longer. Officially recognized trail maintenance of any 50K or longer race or local, state or national trail system that encourages recreation is also ALWAYS accepted. The VT 100 will usually accept time volunteered to youth running teams or clubs and any program that directly engages folks with disabilities in recreation. The service must take place during the 14 months before the race.
In the event that you are unable or unwilling to meet this requirement, you may instead pay a $150 service buyout fee. This can be paid on our online registration site or by check. The fee is due by the same June 15th deadline.

If you would like to sign up for a volunteer pacer, you may do so here:
Pacers are assigned on a first-come first-served basis, as volunteers become available.

Please let us know if you have any questions that are not answered on the website!

Join us on social media!

Again, Welcome to the VT 100 Family!
We look forward to seeing you in July!!

Julia Hutchinson O’Brien
Race Director

Deb Shearer


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