Staying busy

Last Friday night started out with some carbo-loading (I think there are a good bit of carbs in hot wings and beer, right) at Gordon Biersch in Old Towne Pasadena with my friends Vinnie and Dolly. It was a fun new hangout surrounded by the Wish Tree project, and a stage with a live band — nice change from our usual spots.

CIMG6551.JPGSaturday morning, I drove out to Ojai — site of the Coyote 2 Moon event, going on its second year now. There, I met up with H’ard, Mark, Manley, Jenny, Gretchen, and Drew for a training run that started around 7:30 at Thacher School (the new start/finish area for the race), and went up to the fireroad. There, Jenny and Gretchen cut their run a little short as they were planning on heading out to the 9 trails course the following day, so the 5 of us headed down to Sisar Cyn. At the gate, Mark and Manley headed up White Ledge to Topa Topa, and Drew, H’ard, and I continued down to the bottom of the canyon — an 8 mile round trip. The three of us then continued up towards the ridge, refilling at the spring at the campground, and just as we got to the ridge, we saw Mark and Manley on their return. We got to the top around 12:30, so it took us about 5 hours to cover about 19 miles with about 7000′ of climbing if I did the math right. From there, it was mostly downhill back to Thacher, where we finished around 2:30, which gave us a total of 27 miles in 7 hours.

Photos – H’ard and mine.

IMG_0057.JPGLater in the afternoon, I drove down to south OC to Bill Ramsey’s 3rd Annual Oktoberfest party, where I saw a lot of our local running friends. We dined on great food — bratwurst, German potato salad, German chocolate cake, etc. I also got to wash it all down with Bill’s home-brewed beer, which was excellent.

After I left there, I hung out with my good friend Tammy who I’ve known since high school — we recently got reacquainted through Facebook after over 20 years. It was nice to see she hadn’t changed at all, and that we were able to pick up right where we left off.

Tomorrow night, I’m meeting with Eric and Vanessa at their place for some food, and afterwards, we’ll be watching the Primal Quest video.

Friday I have a work function, and am heading out to the Staples Center to catch the Kings game with some co-workers.

Finally, this weekend, I’ll be having my post-AC Potluck at my place.




  1. Jeezus. You’re mighty social. Just reading that made me tired. Hearing about the food made me hungry and I just had breakfast.

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