Day: June 16, 2008

#5 in the bag

CIMG5641.JPGAt 11:34 AM on Sunday morning, Catra and I crossed the finish line together, completing our 5th and 4th finishes respectively at the San Diego 100 Mile Endurance Run.  We spent close to 30 hours on the course — longer than any of our other previous races.  Not only did we run together, we also experienced our highs and lows with each other as well — running 100 miles together gave a whole new meaning to bonding.  Greeting us at the finish were Paul Schmidt and Scott Mills — my favorite race directors and people, handing me my fifth buckle, and a surprise 5 year personalized finisher’s jacket.

This race not only signified my 5th finish there, but also was my 5th anniversary of running 100 mile races, completing 23 out of 24 attempts to date, which still pales in comparison to Catra’s 55+ finishes.  We’ll be back next year when Catra will be earning her 5th finish there.

Photos here.


This weekend, we’re off to do Bighorn, where we will be faced with lots of snow, water, and ice — so much that they’ve already re-routed the course up at the higher elevations.