Day: June 3, 2008


That’s my bib number, and also the number of times I will have attempted (and hopefully completed) the San Diego 100, which will be held this weekend.  This race is special to me in that it was my first undertaking at the 100 mile distance back in 2004.

It all started like this:

Date: 2004/10/11 Mon AM 06:31:39 EDT
To: <>
Subject: Race registration

Hello — is there still time to enter the race?


That message ended up going to Paul Schmidt, who I did not know at the time, but have since become acquainted with over the years at various events.  It was sent only two weeks before the race, after registration had been closed.  I had no intent of running SD as my first 100 miler, but needed a qualifier for Western States, and it was the only local race left before the application deadline that would fit the criteria.  Well, after 29 hours of bumbling my way through a 100 miles, with the help of my two wonderful (thanks Jeff and Darrell), yet equally inexperienced pacers, I managed to make it to the finish alive and in one piece.

Fast-forward 4 years…the event has moved to the month of June (it has always been in October), and will be on the new course designed last year in the Cuyamaca Mountains.  It’s also the first time Catra (going for her 4th finish there) and I will be running this long/far together, so not sure if I’m more nervous about that, or the race itself.  Either way, I’m going to enjoy every minute of it — just hope that it doesn’t exceed 31 hours worth, which is how long we are given to finish.

Watch our progress here on race day.

Photos from 2007.