A fun-filled weekend in store…

I’m headed up to NoCal to help Catra do her solo Ohlone 100 miler.  I’m supposed to meet up with her along the course for support, then pace her from around the half-way point, then we’ll eventually join up with the actual race to finish in her goal of around 34 hours.  Sounds pretty crazy, huh.  Send her some good vibes, and shoot a little my way as well, cuz I’m more worried about me finishing than her.

Also, best of luck to everyone running MMT out in Happy Trails land this weekend, especially to my good bud Gary Knipling (and his son Keith, who I’m sure will tear up the course again this year) going for his 11th finish, Hardrock Bob Combs (going for #6), Dave Yeakel, with Chuck Wilson, Nattu and Tommy Nielson reprensenting the left coast.  Looking forward to catching as much of the live updates as possible.

Finally, good luck to all my SoCal running friends heading up to Bishop High Sierra this weekend as well.


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