Day: May 13, 2008

The Week After – Santa Anita Canyon Post-Fire

It’s been exactly a week after the fire was mostly under control, and this morning was my first time I had been up the Mt Wilson Trail after it re-opened the other day. The first sign of the disaster was the strong smell of smoke, well before any sign of the damage was visible. Although I didn’t go beyond First Water, it seemed that the fire didn’t travel north of there, but not sure how far down it came off Jones Peak. I was saddened after seeing the destruction, since this was where I ran often, and it was the first trail Catra and I ran together on. I also met Hiker Bob there, and is home to the second oldest trail race in America — with its 100th running still scheduled in two weeks. As I started down the trail back home, I noticed the familiar sound of rushing water from one of the waterfalls in the canyon, the beginnings of re-creating my backyard, which will someday be as beautiful as it ever was.