Bailey Canyon Saved!


Fire update as of 4/30 @ 10:30

  • All evacuation orders have been lifted
  • Chantry, Mount Wilson Trail, and Bailey Canyon remain closed
  • Containment at 88%, with full containment expected on Friday 5/2
  • 584 acres destoryed, of which 238 acres are on National Forest land, and the remaining 346 acres belong to the City of Sierra Madre

It’s been 4 days since the Santa Anita Canyon fire started, and it was the first time waking up and not smelling smoke or seeing emergency personnel and vehicles scurrying about or hovering in the air. I decided to venture out to my beloved Bailey Canyon to see the extent of the damage, since from my vantage point from the foothills below, I couldn’t really tell if the fires got to any part of the canyon farther up.

Surprisingly, the gate to the parking lot was open — the fence was partly closed, but not locked. Also, there were no law enforcement anywhere along the roads around Carter like the previous days, and in fact, the service gate along the monastery was wide open — something I’ve never seen before. As i ascended up the canyon, I quickly realized the fire was halted along the eastern ridgeline just above the water tank (in the picture below, you can see the retardant, which is as far west as the fires got to).

Once I reached the top, I could not see below into Santa Anita Canyon to gauge how far the fire traveled along the Wilson Trail, but I’m thinking that parts of the connector along the southern ridgeline was hit based on the map above.

Thank you to all the firefighters and emergency personnel who worked night and day to save all the homes, and most of all, my special backyard — Bailey Canyon. Even with a tragedy like this, there is a silver lining.

Cimg5344Sign posted at Kersting’s Court in front of Lucky Baldwin’s.

Cimg5349Taken around the bench — notice the retardant above the water tank.
Cimg5355Fire retardant at the top of Jones Peak.
Cimg5356Damage seen from the top of Jones Peak, along the south-eastern hillside.
Cimg5358More damage.


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