Coyote 2 Moon Results

Check back here for the gory details of my experience soon.

Updated 4/1: Final results now posted (including bonus minutes).

Stan Jensen
Howard Cohen
Glenn Tachiyama
Jakob Hermann
Craig Heinselman
Chris Marolf
George Ruiz
Lori Henselman-Craig
Gary Wang (Finish) and Gary Wang (Gridley Bottom)
Race Reports:
Karl Meltzer
Sue Johnston
Andy Jones-Wilkins
Chris Scott
Justin Angle
Chris Marolf



  1. Andy, wow, you rocked this race! I read one of the AS’s wasn’t set because you underestimated your proposed finish:) Go, man! So, yes, please, we do need details. Many many details on this race and your run!

  2. Andy, awesome run! Hope we didn’t give you too much of a hard time for running so fast; you know Chris only picks on people he likes. 🙂 You really had a super performance. Sorry about Thacher & Gridley Bottom — yikes. A learning experience for next year.

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