Time to catch up…

Well it’s been a while since I’ve posted anything, but am hoping that I’ll get back to regularly blogging again.  (No, I was not in jail, btw.)  First, I’m very happy to say that I’ve begun a new chapter in my life — I recently gave up my 3 year stint as an independent consultant to work at a local Dot.com as an IT Manager.  Being on my own allowed a ton of freedom, but also meant periods of little/no income, which combined with a heavy race year was not a good combo — I feel (hope?) that this position/company will be a good balance.

This new job also allowed me to move back to Sierra Madre — been gone a long 6 months.  I found a great 2 BR house, just a block away from downtown.  I love it there!  I’m still in the process of unpacking, and have no furniture, but should be settled in soon, so a house-warming shindig will be happening in the very near future.  I’m getting settled in slowly but surely…I got my cable/Internet last week, and my 46″ Sony LCD arrived yesterday — for someone who has never had cable or TV, that’s a pretty big deal.  But since I don’t even have a couch yet, I can’t become a potato — at least not right away.

My running has been put on the back-burner for the moment — logging only 3-4 days/week on very low mileage.  I’ll slowly start ramping up again though in preparation of HURT in Jan — I suppose with some races (SM50K, SB9T, and OTHTC) coming up, I’ll have no choice.  Speaking of which, I ran the inaugural Old Goats 50 Miler the other day, and was pretty pleased with the outcome, so hopefully it was a good warmup for the others.  Perhaps I’ll write up a little separate report on that for my next posting…hey, I may just surprise you and actually do it for once!  Just watch…

Btw, I sent in my WS application last week, but am hoping to not get in, since I’d like to do some different races next year.  I do have some already planned though, regardless of what happens in the lottery — HURT, Coyote (I’m especially looking forward to this one), AC, and SD.  I haven’t really thought about the others, but do know I’ll be putting in for Hardrock again.  Since I’m the new guy at work, not to mention being a manager, I’m not sure if I’ll be able to swing as many days off for races as I did this year.  So far, it doesn’t seem like it’ll be that big of an issue, but we’ll see — it’s only my 4th week.  The fact I’m writing this now is a good thing I suppose, but it’s really no indication as to how things will be in the future — that’s just the unpredictable nature of technology.

My last 100 for the year was San Diego a few weeks back — I finished just before most of the area near there started to catch fire, and/or was evacuated.  The edge of the Witch Fire came real close to where we ran, so it was pretty scary.  Going home on the 15, I saw several big rigs on their sides, and those that were still upright were taking cover underneath freeway overpasses.

Finally, I wish I could say that I completed the Last Great Race, but I’m going to have to save that for next time — I suppose 7 out of 8 100’s (plus 17 other shorter races) this year is still a pretty decent accomplishment.  Damn Leadville!

Ok…stay tuned to this RSS feed for more exciting news on my life coming soon!  Yeah right…you’re probably better off watching Oprah.


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  1. I can’t believe my eyes! I was already tired on clicking this page, and here you are! Yeah, jail was one of my worries:) Look at your 50 miler, man, and what’s up with girls taking up all the spots on top!? It was great to see you at SD, fire thing sure was scary and too close for comfort. Good luck with new job!

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