Month: October 2007

Chicago Marathon shuts course due to extreme heat

90 degree temperatures, plus 80% humidity, left a Michigan police officer dead, and more than 300 people were  admitted to hospitals.  There were 10,000 (out of 45000 registered entrants) DNS’s, and 10,934 DNFs.

Here’s a message from their website:

Attention Participants and Spectators:

Due to the rising heat index and higher than expected temperatures, LaSalle Bank Chicago Marathon Executive Race Director Carey Pinkowski and Medical Director Dr. George Chiampas, in cooperation with city officials, have implemented a contingency plan, as a precautionary measure, to effectively close the Marathon course at the halfway point. Runners who have not reached the halfway point by approximately 12:00 p.m. will be diverted back to Grant Park via Halsted and Jackson. Jackson will be closed to automobile traffic and the participants will be provided with additional support along this route. Participants who crossed the halfway point prior to the shut-down will continue to be fully supported along the standard course to the finish line. Participants are asked to take advantage of medical personnel, cooling buses, runner drop out buses, water, Gatorade and other means of support en route back to Grant Park.


Mexican politician runs into time warp

A presidential candidate whose past is marked by charges of dishonesty turns in a fast but questionable time in a marathon.

Former Mexican presidential candidate Roberto Madrazo disappeared midway through the Berlin Marathon on Sunday before reappearing nine miles later, winning first in his age group and shaving an hour off his personal record.

Madrazo ran his first 20 kilometers, taking him to the marathon’s halfway mark, in a respectable 1:42:42. He was on track to beat his best times this year, 3:39 at the London marathon, and 3:44 in San Diego.

But he must have slipped into a Berlin Triangle somewhere along the Potsdamer Strasse. There’s no record, according to German race officials, of him passing the 25- or 30-kilometer stations, leaving 15 kilometers of the race with no record of his passing.

He ran each five-kilometer segment on record in an average of about 25 minutes, according to computerized timers, compared with the about 14 minutes run by race winner Haile Gebrselassie of Ethiopia.

But between kilometers 20 and 35, those missing from the race’s computer record, Madrazo appeared to run every five kilometers in fewer than eight minutes, faster than the 34-year-old Ethiopian winner, who set a world record for a marathon of 2:04:26.

Olympian Jones admits to steroid use

In a letter she sent to close relatives and friends, she says she will plead guilty Friday to two counts of lying to federal agents about her drug use and an unrelated financial matter.

Marion Jones, the track and field star from Thousand Oaks who won five medals and worldwide fame at the 2000 Olympic Games in Australia, is expected today to become the most significant athlete to admit to using performance-enhancing drugs, after years of fiercely denying it.

Such an admission could lead to Jones’ being stripped of those medals.

Young runner’s life cut short

Dana Hills XC runner and soccer player, 14 year old Megan Nicole Myers, collapsed at the 2 mile mark of a 3 mile race against Capistrano Valley High School — an hour later, she was pronounced dead at Mission Hospital.  An autopsy was performed, but proved inconclusive, so the death remains a mystery.

Over 800 mourners filled Aliso Viejo’s Coast Hill’s Community Church to remember Megan.  A video tribute, showing her as a toddler playing in the snow, drew sobs from the crowd — it ended with a note from the girl’s grieving father. “I am running through life,” he’d written to her, “so I can walk with you in heaven.”

The family requests contributions to a scholarship for her XC team — send donations to the following:

OCCF/Megan Myers Memorial Fund
c/o Orange County Community Foundation
30 Corporate Park, Suite 410
Irvine, CA 92606