CAF Office Badly Damaged by Fire

Got this bad news the other day.  Their big event is coming up, and could use some help.

Dear Friends:

We are sad to report that on Saturday afternoon (Sept. 22) the offices of the Challenged Athletes Foundation (CAF) were hit by a catastrophic fire.  Fortunately, no one was injured. However the blaze, which apparently was electrical in nature, was centered directly above our storeroom, which was packed floor-to-ceiling with donated items for the upcoming San Diego Triathlon Challenge (our biggest fundraising event is a little more than month away).  Most of that material – with a retail value in the hundreds of thousands of dollars – was destroyed in the fire.  The offices themselves will require extensive repairs and the staff will be forced to find a new home for at least the next six weeks.

A couple of notes in the wake of this ill-timed disaster:

1)    The office phone and Internet service are currently not operational.  Please allow us a couple of days to get these back on line and bear with us as we scramble to resume normal operations.  Please check our web site for updates about the status of our phone service.

2)    The San Diego Triathlon Challenge will go on as planned.  We look forward to seeing all of our friends and supporters at La Jolla Cove on Oct. 28 for this annual festival of abilities.

3)    Obviously, we are facing a lot of work to re-stock and replace the items destroyed in the fire.  If you would like to help, please consider making a donation on our web site:

With the support of our fundraisers, donors and sponsors, we know we will be able to overcome this set-back and continue uninterrupted in our quest to help physically challenged athletes enjoy the freedom, self-worth and confidence that can only be acquired in the athletic arena.  Thank you for your continued backing of CAF.

Yours in Sport,
The CAF Team


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