Day: September 2, 2007

AC fire danger

As I was driving up to Pasadena on the 110 a couple hours ago, I could see smoke in the distance, but couldn’t really pinpoint the origin — it looked fairly west of the San Gabriels, and much farther north, but close enough that it was clearly visible. I found out now that that fire is near Acton, just south of the Antelope Valley Fwy — very close to where the Angeles Forest Hwy ends, which is the road most people will be using to get to the AC course from Wrightwood.

Check out the story here.


Another buckle for Turbo

Great job Leigh and George for finishing the Tetons in 34:32.  Also, congratulations to Matt Hart on his first 100, finishing in a very strong (20:53) second place behind Andy J-W (19:35).  Finally, how about our dear friends Pat Devita and Liz Hodges for finishing the 50 miler — let me mention too, that Pat is 73 years old!