Month: September 2007

Spartathlon Live

The race will begin Friday at 7am local time, which should be around 9pm PDT Thursday according to my calculations.  The first update will be from CP22 (81KM) at 14:00 local time, which would be about 4am PDT Friday.

Good luck Scott!

Live updates here.

Oh yeah, Olga was kind enough to point out that the Bear is this weekend — not last weekend.

Finally, after a torturous 2 weeks of very little running after AC, I’ll be headed down to San Diego Friday to do the inaugural Noble Canyon 50K, put on by Scott Mills and the SD Bad Rats.  Also, just noticed they assigned Gary Hilliard bib #1 — pretty cool.  Looking forward to this race…should be a nice warm-up for the SD100 next month.


TRT Endurance Runs Video Premier

A Journey on the 2007
Tahoe Rim Trail Endurance Runs

September 29, 2007

Galaxy Theater – Carson City, Nevada

I realize it’s short notice but we’ve just worked out the final details to premier our new TRT Documentary, “A Glimpse of Heaven and a Taste of Hell” .

You’re all cordially invited to join us this Saturday morning at the new Galaxy Theater in Carson City beginning at 10 a.m. The brand new, digital Galaxy Theater is located at 4000 S. Curry Street, Carson City, NV behind the Casino Fandango.

We have room for 200 so please let us know if you can join us. Admission is FREE!

David Cotter
Tahoe Rim Trail Endurance Runs


Our new documentary is basically an introductory story about ultra running told by many of you, the runners at this year’s event, using the Tahoe Rim Trail Endurance Runs as the backdrop.

Directed by Carson City’s rising talent Tyler Bournes, under the oversight of Emmy Award winning Director Sheldon Altfeld and Telly Award winning Producer Temma Keatan Hammond, the film also features a music score and theme song written specifically for the project by Carson City musician/composer Marsh Broduer.

The film features many of you, too numerous to mention everyone.  But here’s a few faces you’re sure to recognize: Jack Driver, Jasper Halekas, Kim Giiminez, Molly Zurn, Rajeev Patel, Bree Lambert, Thomas Reiss, Rob Hills, Jon Gnass, Julia Bramer, Anil Rao, Eric Clifton and many more of your ultra running friends.

We’ve also started to produce copies for sale for those who may be interested and will have some available on Saturday and will take orders.

We hope to see many of you this weekend!

CAF Office Badly Damaged by Fire

Got this bad news the other day.  Their big event is coming up, and could use some help.

Dear Friends:

We are sad to report that on Saturday afternoon (Sept. 22) the offices of the Challenged Athletes Foundation (CAF) were hit by a catastrophic fire.  Fortunately, no one was injured. However the blaze, which apparently was electrical in nature, was centered directly above our storeroom, which was packed floor-to-ceiling with donated items for the upcoming San Diego Triathlon Challenge (our biggest fundraising event is a little more than month away).  Most of that material – with a retail value in the hundreds of thousands of dollars – was destroyed in the fire.  The offices themselves will require extensive repairs and the staff will be forced to find a new home for at least the next six weeks.

A couple of notes in the wake of this ill-timed disaster:

1)    The office phone and Internet service are currently not operational.  Please allow us a couple of days to get these back on line and bear with us as we scramble to resume normal operations.  Please check our web site for updates about the status of our phone service.

2)    The San Diego Triathlon Challenge will go on as planned.  We look forward to seeing all of our friends and supporters at La Jolla Cove on Oct. 28 for this annual festival of abilities.

3)    Obviously, we are facing a lot of work to re-stock and replace the items destroyed in the fire.  If you would like to help, please consider making a donation on our web site:

With the support of our fundraisers, donors and sponsors, we know we will be able to overcome this set-back and continue uninterrupted in our quest to help physically challenged athletes enjoy the freedom, self-worth and confidence that can only be acquired in the athletic arena.  Thank you for your continued backing of CAF.

Yours in Sport,
The CAF Team

He’s gonna be 500 miles

Foresthill runner takes aim at five California 100-milers in one season

By: Todd Mordhorst, Journal Sports Editor
Thursday, September 20, 2007

Foresthill’s Jack Meyer is attempting to complete the “California Slam” this year by finishing all five 100-mile endurance runs in the state. Meyer has a tough task this weekend as he lines up at the Rio Del Lago 100 in Granite Bay on Saturday. He’ll be running less than a week after completing the grueling Angeles Crest 100 in southern California.

A team of therapists are working overtime this week so Jack S. Meyer can attempt what some people are calling insane and others consider inspiring.

When the lifelong Foresthill resident lines up to run the Rio Del Lago 100-mile Endurance Run Saturday in Granite Bay, he will be trying to finish his second 100-miler in a week and fourth this summer.

“Between my physical therapist, my chiropractor and my massage therapist, hopefully I can get through it,” said Meyer, who just finished the Angeles Crest 100 in 28 hours, 22 minutes, 45 seconds. “In the past few days, I’ve had some people say I shouldn’t run. There’s varying opinions on it. Most people just do one 100 a year.”

No, Meyer hasn’t gone postal, though he does work at the Nevada Street post office as a clerk. But he is trying to complete all five 100-mile ultras in California this year. Meyer would be the first person on record to complete the “California Slam,” an informal series first organized in 2002.

Meyer’s 500-mile journey began at the Western States Endurance Run in June, where he clocked in at 27:53:32. It was his third straight WS 100 finish, though he was not an immediate success at the event that runs through his hometown.

“Growing up watching the race, as I got older, it got more intriguing,” the 44-year-old said. “It took me four attempts to finally finish it. (Ultrarunning) is a great addiction, a great group of people to be involved with.”

The second leg of Meyer’s venture was the Headlands Hundred in August near Marin, which he ran in 27:18:51. In October, the San Diego 100 awaits. This weekend he will compete in the eighth annual Rio Del Lago, an event run by former Western States race director Norm Klein.

“We don’t draw the great numbers like Western States or Leadville, but we get runners that are capable of finishing in the top 10 at those races,” said Klein, who said he expects around 100 people for Saturday’s run that follows American River Equestrian Trails through Granite Bay, Auburn and Cool. Meyer said the soreness from last weekend’s race has mostly dissipated, but he realizes Rio Del Lago could be a struggle. Not only did Meyer run Angeles Crest, but he drove himself home from Southern California.

“My lower legs were the worst,” he said. “I drove home without my feet elevated, so that added to the soreness.”

Meyer swore he wouldn’t put himself through this after last year, when he finished four 100-milers.

“At the end of last year my body was screaming for rest,” he said. “When the new year came, I started thinking about (the California Slam) and toyed with the idea. I said we’ll see how things go.”

He endured an injury to finish Western States and even with brutal months looming ahead, he finished the Tahoe Rim Trail 100 in July.

Though Meyer’s ultrarunning efforts are astounding, they aren’t unprecedented. Helen Klein, Norm’s wife, finished five 100’s within 16 weeks in 1989 – at the age of 66.

“We’ve had some people do 15 ultras in one year,” Norm said. “What (Meyer’s) doing is impressive, but it’s not unusual.”

Dan Moores, owner of Auburn Running Company, has seen Meyer progress in the world of ultras in the last several years.

“He didn’t finish Western States the first couple of times he ran it and then something just clicked,” Moores said. “The great thing about Jack is he’s just an every day guy. He’s not getting any fanfare or awards for what he’s doing. He just does it because he loves being out there.”

A 1981 Placer High grad, Meyer said he never enjoyed organized sports. He ran his first 50-miler in 1992 and though he told himself he would never run another, here he is 15 years later on the brink of a monumental achievement, though his motivation is simple. “It’s a great personal challenge,” he said. “And you see places the couch potatoes don’t get to see.”

What a weekend…

AC became my 17th 100 mile finish (out of 18 attempts), and also was my most enjoyable race thus far, especially compared to my last two attempts there.  Perhaps it was because I wasn’t pressured for a time goal, or didn’t have any foot issues, or maybe it was because I saw so many of my friends there, but whatever the case, it reminded me how much I enjoy this sport.  It’s not to say that I didn’t have my lows, which unfortunately lasted most of the night and into the morning as the usual sleep monster took over, causing me to stumble around all the way from Chantry to Millard.  I felt really bad for Kristen, who picked me up at Chantry after her plans to pace Hwa Ja fell through after she was cut earlier in the day at Cloudburst.
The highlights of my weekend were seeing Robert and Cate at Inspiration Point, Bill Ramsey and my friend Anne at Shortcut, and most of all, Gary Hilliard at Chantry — these are all people who spent their entire weekend helping us make it to the finish.

The most notable performance has to go to Diana Rush (winner of the Mt Disappointment 50M), who turned in a truly gutsy performance in completing her first 100 miler, after struggling most of the day. 

Oh yeah, Olga reminded me that I managed to get a course PR by about 15 minutes — not by a lot, but I’ll take it.  Finally, it was great to finish along side an AC veteran, Scott Sullivan, who was completing his 9th run — our times, 30:04:47, which was good for 56th and 57th out of 89 who made it to Pasadena (125 left Wrightwood).

Congratulations to all the runners, including those who unfortunately did not make it to Johnson Field this time around — I know you’ll all be back next year to give it another go.

I guess I have a little time between now and San Diego to do a more detailed report of AC, not to mention some of the other races I’ve done earlier in the year.  Check back again…but not too soon.

Transrockies Run

Today is day 3 of the 5 day stage race.  The Skaggs Bros of Montrail (Kyle, just coming off a course record victory at Wasatch) are leading, Gore-Tex Vortex is second, and Running Times (Adam Chase and Michelle Barton) are third overall.

Daily results can be found here.  You’ll see lots of familiar names on the roster.

Post Wasatch…no, Pre AC

Well, I just finished packing my drop bags for the AC100 this weekend.  Why does it feel like I just did this not long ago?  Hmmm…maybe because I did — last week for Wasatch.

Speaking of which, I finished…barely.  We’re talking DFL with just over 2 minutes to spare before the 36 hour cutoff…and I thought I cut it close with my 8 minutes at Leadville.  I left the last aid station (Pot Bottom Mile 93) at exactly 3:15pm — 1 hour and 45 minutes to cover 7 miles, some of it with some very technical descents.  I wasn’t sure how long it would take, but pushed it as hard as I could.  After I popped off the trail onto the street, I had about a mile left and exactly 10 minutes.  As I turned the corner, I saw Bill standing there — 6 minutes left, and I still had to crest the hill and enter the resort.  Bill ran alongside, which helped me maintain my pace.  Once I entered the grounds, I knew I had enough time, crossing the finish at 35:57:08.  Wow, that was close!

I’ll hopefully have a more detailed report (including one for WS, Vermont, and Leadville) once I get through AC this weekend.

Anyway, I would like to offer a huge congratulations to everyone who finished, especially the Slammers — fantastic job to Ronda (sub-24 WS and Vermont, sub-25 Leadville, and sub-30 Wasatch) and Hiroki, who had the overall fastest times.  Also, congratulations to my friends Jamshid Khajavi, Mark Weineke, Phil Rosenstein, and Dave Yeakel, who I was very fortunate to have been able to get to know this summer.

Ok…best of luck to everyone participating this weekend in the 21st Angeles Crest 100!  I’ll see you at Johnson Field Sunday…hope I make it there by foot.

Watch the race here — I’ll be #34.