I’m a Twit

Ok…I’m still not sure if this is useful, or even slightly interesting for that matter, but I started using Twitter.  What is it?  Well, think of it as a mini blog, which has nice utilities and methods to make it very easy to send updates.  For example, you can use your favorite IM client by “chatting” with a user called TwitterIM, or send an SMS text message to 40404.  There are also a ton of clients, such as Twitterific for the Mac, so that you don’t have to always use a web browser for updates.

One of the cool (?) things is that you can “follow” people, so that you can get instantly notified whenever that person sends an update — web, SMS, RSS.  One application could be to send real-time updates if you’re at a race or event that doesn’t have a webcast by using your phone’s SMS feature.

Also, you can send a “direct” message to another Twit, which will be sent to either their web page, or phone — depends on how they configured their preference to be notified.

You’ll find my page here.

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