Dos Lunas – New SoCal Ultra!

Mark your calendars!

Announcing the Dos Lunas 100M/100K ultras, full moon weekend of March 21-23, 2008, Los Padres National Forest trails, Ojai, CA. Over 25,000 feet elevation gain in the 100 miler. Qualification requirements for the 100M similar to that of Hardrock.  Staggered starts based on anticipated finishing time of 8:00 AM Sunday, 40 hour limit for 100M. Applications and a web site will be available in early September. Limit of 150 entrants for both events, with priority to 100M’ers.
Stay tuned for more information.

I was one of the guinea pigs for the dry run of this event earlier this year.  We only did the 100k, and it kicked our butts, so can’t imagine how much more difficult the 100 miler will be — guess I’ll find out.  Hoping that this’ll partly fill the gap that C4P has left…with Chris Scott at the helm, at the very least, you can bet it won’t be your typical run-of-the-mill ultra.  As you can see by the description above, he’s already put a twist to it by having the 100 milers run through 2 nights with the staggered starts.

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