Weekend forecast…and races

Weather doesn’t look too bad for my race in Vermont this weekend — mid-70’s to 80 with 65% humidity, and showers/t-storms.  Tahoe will have similar temps, but lower humidity of course.  Death Valley, on the other hand, will  be a toasty 117 on Monday — that’s just wrong.

The Tahoe 100 mile women’s race should be fun to watch — Sue Johnston will undoubtedly be challenged by Kim Gimenez, Amy Grafius, and Kathy D’Onofrio.  Also, Molly Zurn, who won last year’s 50M race will be attempting the 100 this year, and should be keeping them company as well.  In the men’s field, Jasper Halekas returns to defend his title, but Eric Clifton, Jeff Riley, and Sean Meissner will make sure that that doesn’t happen.

I’m unfortunately going to miss parts of Badwater, since I’ll still be out in Vermont, but should definitely catch the latter part of the race.  I’m very much looking forward to seeing how Jorge Pacheco does, along with the usuals up front — Charlie Engle, David Goggins, Akos Konya, Marshall Ulrich, and Dean Karnazes.  Best of luck to Lisa Smith-Batchen with the double, and also  to a few local ultrarunners — Gabor Kozinc, Gary Hilliard, and John Radich.

Finally, good luck to ME this weekend!  :-)  Looking forward to seeing my Slam-mates, and hoping to come back with a 100 mile PR.

Off to the airport I go.



  1. Fun weekend indeed. You have a PERFECT weather prediction for a PR! Just be patient a little bit before shooting for it:)

  2. Fantastic finish, was that the goal sub 24.Great job. Looking forward to hearing more.

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