Small world…

In June of 2005, I got an e-mail from someone regarding my posting on the Leadville website looking for a pacer, and she introduced herself as a fellow Marathon Maniac. I was getting ready to run Vermont at the time, and she mentioned that she was doing the Grand Slam, so would be there too. I didn’t know too many people then, having just started doing ultras, so I was looking forward to meeting her.

Fast forward to race weekend.

While trying to find a place to sit down during the pre-race meeting, I saw someone holding a sign with my name on it — kinda like those guys at the airport.

“Hi…you’re looking for Andy? That’s me.”

“Andy! It’s Jane from Costa Rica!”

“Oh hi Jane! Good to see you…I didn’t know you were going to be here.”

“Didn’t Dot tell you that I’m going to be your pacer?”

“No…wow, what a pleasant surprise!”

“Andy, I want you to meet my sister Liz — she’s here to pace a runner too.”

“Hi Liz…nice to meet you. Who are you pacing?”

“My friend Olga.”

Olga was the person who sent me the e-mail, and Jane ran with Dot (who was assisting with putting on the Vermont 100) during the Coastal Challenge where I met them originally. The most memorable part of this meeting though, was that I think I surprised Olga, since she initially gave me the “get-away-from-me-you-freak” look before realizing who I was. Pretty funny — I wasn’t used to seeing that expression outside of bars and clubs, and typically it was only after delivering one of my pickup lines. Definitely didn’t expect to see that at a race.

Here we were after the finish.

Best of luck to everyone competing this weekend at Vermont, Tahoe, and Badwater.


  1. Did you have to use my fat picture, you freak? šŸ™‚ You have an awesome time there, Andy, you’ll make your goal because you’re so muc more experienced and trained. And you have fun there, man, say hi to all East Coasters and take pics before/after – sheeshh, the food at VT100 was the best ever, and the biggest amounts!

  2. Lol. Olga your comment made me laugh! Exactly what I want to say to people sometimes. :pHi Andy. Good luck with your weeeknd though you seem to be on a roll and not needing it. Have painful fun!~Miki H.

  3. All the best, knock this one out and get ready for Leadville.Ugh, what a thought that must be.OK, one race at a time.See you soon

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