Recovery with an Apple

So I get a phone call around 6:30 this morning from Leigh asking if I was going to the Mt Disappointment training run. Ummmm…no. I did go to my yoga class though, then on impulse, headed over to the Apple store afterwards to see what was going on with the iPhone.

8 minutes — the time it took to drive over, play with the in-store demo unit, get totally blown away, and walk out with the 4G version. I haven’t opened it yet, but will in a few minutes. I feel bad for all those people who stood in line for days so they could have it 12 hours before I did, not to mention all the people who are trying to make money on ebay and craigslist — there are hundreds of ads now. Some were marked up as high as several thousand dollars. In my opinion, I don’t think there’s an inventory shortage, so you’ll be able to get one at cost as long as you know where to go. The store I went to were out of the 8Gb version, but they were expecting a shipment in later today — people were already lined up outside for that.

Can’t think of a better way to recover than spending the day relaxing with my new gadget.

I’ll have a report on my experience later tonight. Speaking of reports, my WS one is almost done, and so is the one for OD — should have those up shortly as well.


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