They’re off and running…

The leaders are at 17K and the women are at 12K in the 82nd running of the world’s largest ultramarathon — Comrades in South Africa.

This year is the down run, and all the top runners will be competing for the main prize of R200,000 — that’s about $28K (a lot of money by SA standards).  The women’s up run course record (6:09:23) was broken just last year, which was previously held by Ann Trason, which she achieved in 1996 with a time of 6:13:23.  Bruce Fordyce has held the overall record of 5:24:07 on the down course since 1986. 

I think it’s odd that there’s no mention of this race at all on the ultra list, or much interest from Americans in general.  I never understood why, since I think it’s one of the best races I’ve ever run, and can’t wait to go back to do it again — perhaps in 2009.  Next time, I think I’ll shoot for a silver medal — sub 7:30.


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  1. Go, Andy, never stop, just keep it rolling no matter what, big summer ahead! never give up, you’ll make it! And yeah, start slow:)

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