Catra update (Mon 6/11)

Monday 6/11 @ 7:14
A full write up on my meeting with Catra will follow.  Just wanted to give an update on her location in case anyone wants to go and see her before she heads out to the desert.  I left her at Islip Saddle last night, so she began heading towards Chilao this morning.  Based on her daily goal, I’m guessing she’ll end up camping around Sulfur Springs or even Chilao tonight.  She’s doing about 3mph, so she’s around Cooper Canyon at the moment.  Best bet would be to start at Three Points and work back from there.  Other options would be the Camp Glenwood crossing or Pajarito.

Saturday 6/9 @ 23:29
Bumped into George Velasco at the Vons parking lot in BigBear while waiting for Carmela and her entourage for dinner at Maggio’s.  I grabbed some stuff for Catra, then headed back to George’s place he offered so I wouldn’t have to sleep in the back of my car.  There are a lot of locals doing the Holcomb Valley race tomorrow.  I’ll be on the sidelines this year — still recovering from OD, and getting ready for WS.

Saturday 6/9 @ 14:12
Got a message from Catra this morning.  She’s gong to be at Islip Saddle tomorrow (Sun 6/10) @ ~4pm.  I’m going to try and get up to Holcomb tomorrow morning — I have a card for everyone to sign.

Friday 6/8
Got a message from Catra earlier today — she was at Silverwood Lake (appx 34.291,-117.326).  She’s expected to go through Crowder Cyn (Cajon Blvd and Hwy 15) tomorrow, then through the Wrightwood area on Sunday, which means she’ll hit the AC course around then as well.  I asked when she thinks she’ll get to Baden-Powell, and as of now, she thinks Monday, but will confirm tonight when she checks her map.  I’ll update this posting when I hear back.

I finally found a Google Earth KML of the PCT — get it here.



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