Warning…Catra approaches

She left Bigbear this morning, heading towards Wrightwood (she isn’t planning on stopping there, btw), which means she’ll be very close to getting on parts of the AC100 course.  The estimate is about 3 days, which will put her in the area this weekend.  The good thing (I’m hoping) is that she’ll make it here by Saturday.  The bad thing is that it could be Sunday, when I was planning on being up at Holcomb. 

Either way, I’m going to meet her somewhere up along the route — most-likely drive up to Islip Saddle, then make my way up towards Baden Powell, then run with her back down from the peak.  I’m still pretty beat up from OD, but hoping that the 300+ miles Catra’s got under her belt will allow me to keep up.  I’ll get more info so that we can narrow down her arrival time, so if anyone wants to join me, or even get some AC training in, let me know.



  1. Bummer. We’re just going to miss her by a couple days at Holcomb. But maybe she was avoiding that section of the PCT on that day on purpose anyway. If my foot were in better condition I would love to join for some miles but I can’t. Or shouldn’t…

  2. Oh, Andy, please say big hi and give a big hug for me! Speaking of hoping she’d be tired – 2 years ago I paced Horton for some 15 miles 4 days after Vermont while he was like 1500 miles in (crossing into WA) – I could hardly keep up! Not funny, he was in better shape! I had acute fatique (and blistered feet) – and he had accumulated fitness and endurance I could never even dream baout! It was a blast, one of my most memorable experience in ultras.

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