At the airport…

If you’ve never flown out of Long Beach on JetBlue, I would highly recommend it — it took a total of 10 minutes from the time I parked at the offsite lot to when I sat down at the gate.  Also, the flights are pretty comfortable — more legroom (although I don’t really need it), and 36 channels of DirecTV. 

I keep feeling like I forgot something important (like my shoes), but am trying not to think about it since it’s too late at this point.  I did (finally!) make a travel/race checklist though, that I hope will come in handy during the rest of my season, but then again, I may have forgotten to put everything on there that I’m going to need.  Well…I’ll find out soon enough I suppose.

So I have 3 goals, depending on how things go during the race.  My ideal “things can’t get any better” goal will be 22 hours.  If my splits start slipping (say that fast 3 times), then my second goal is sub-24.  Then finally, if I end up doing a death march, then it’s going to be the obvious 28 hour cutoff to finish.

Ok…plane’s boarding soon.

Starting to get the pre-race jitters now…


One comment

  1. Oh, the jitters…hope nothing is forogttena and you meet at least the second goal, and surely you better finish, man!

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