Message from Dot…

Date:  Mon, 28 May 2007 13:26:25 -0500 (CDT)
Hi all, sorry for the first empty send.  Hopefully this flies.
You are on this list for one of a few reasons: you want to be, you’ve been great support, you are one of my home/work/pet providers, you are a media contact that has shown interest.  I will be honing down (or up) my own personal media blast list.  Some of you are on the Blue Planet Run blast list. That should be working by the end of the week. A new webmaster was hired and has been redoing the entire Blue Planet Run website.  Let me know if you want to be off MY list.  You can sign off the BPR list any time you receive an email and are sick of it.  You can always check on our progress at  After this week, I will still have email contact, although sometimes sporadically, but I’ll have much less time to communicate, so using a list like this allows me to stay in touch more “globally.”  PLEASE FORWARD THIS TO ANYONE YOU THINK WILL BE INTERESTED WHO IS NOT HEREBY INCLUDED.  I don’t have access to every one I might like to tell our story to. Thanks.

With that said,  I am in my third day at the Olympic Training Center for “boot camp” in Lake Placid.  Some of our team members were delayed and our teammate from India has yet to arrive because of some visa difficulties.  Melissa from New Zealand came today. We are in intense training for emergency response, communication, all the logistics, medical,  team massage, team psychology and team building, how to’s of working the technology (cellphones, radios, computers, GPS software – a super challenge for me).  Last night from 8:30 to almost midnight in the cold rain we practiced night-time transitions with all the gear including testing of the GPS and radio contact equipment. We are each running with a communications radio and the baton as well as hydration needs etc. The baton has been redesigned so that it screws apart at the middle and turns into two small vessels to hold water. The incoming runner and out going runner will toast with water in those vessels and drink it before passing off.  Very special, and at each of some 1478 exchange points we will be reciting the special poetic piece in several languages with the theme Water is Life.  I will be reciting in English and German, and perhaps occasionally Spanish. My first reading in Deutsch was difficult but it worked!

I have the time to write now because most of the team is on a tour of lake Placid, the ski jumps, Olympic stadium etc.  Having been here so often, I stole the time to do some stuff on my own. We will have computers with the GPS program in each of our vehicles and be blogging, communicating individually etc. as much as possible. We have over 1,000 events planned along the way, amazing events.  We have a team doctor with amazing credentials.  I’ll have to write down all the details as I go becuase this week we are just being enundated with information.  And lots of media time.  They’ve redone and are redoing all the portrait shots as they have changed the webmaster, now have new outfits, etc.  Kind of a fresh start to the presentation but a good one it seems.  The commitment to the CAUSE is intensely imbedded in everyone we are working with.  They are all passionate, emotional and highly motivated and committed.

We have done some team building exercises that have drawn us all together as a family already.  As the matriarch, it is so amazing to me to experience the youth and the talent of the other runners.  My first subteam is the Green Team. We’re calling it the Vermont Green Team since one of the members with me is Simon Isaacs who grew up in Norwich, Vermont, has been living and working in Rwanda.  The other two members are Jason from BC and Laura from Brazil  We are good together. Read more about them on the website. Amazing personalities, and lots of fun. We will be together as a sub team for at least 15 days.

The Green Team runs from NYC to Boston, I believe, in the third slot. This means we will run from 3pm to 9pm on Friday coming out of New York. We will be staying over in New London Conn. and then after running into Boston will fly immediately to Ireland. We have the day off in Ireland to drive from Shannon across the country to the ferry to the UK.  I’m so excited to have that day time in the Irish countryside, even if it will be mostly in a car. Then we ferry to UK and stay somewhere over there. The details will be on the website, although things like the exact hotel will prbably not be on the public site, just available to us to tell folks like you who might want to come find us on the way. As we go along and start working smoothly, there will be much more flexibility for hooking up with folks.

Again, if you don’t want to be on this list, just let me mknow.  I would appreciate updates from you too.  I did read the VCM results and saw the great performances from so many of our Vermont friends.  Happy summer everyone!  I’ll stay in touch as much as I can.  This is a phenomenal odyssey already.  Dot


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