It’s almost time…

In two days, I’m on a plane headed to Woodstock, VA to begin my quest for the Last Great Race — first one up is the original Old Dominion.  Btw, don’t you think it’s odd that the Vermont 100 is also held in the city of Woodstock?  Also, what is up with 3 100 mile races (MMT, OD Memorial, and OD) back-to-back all in the same location?

Ok, I’m already about 95% packed, which is unusual for me, since I typically don’t do it until the very last minute — I think I’m just anxious to race, since it’s the waiting and anticipation that drives me crazy.  Once the gun goes off, then I’ll feel much more comfortable, which in fact, is only 3 days away!

I also just withdrew my entry into Hardrock this year.  :-(  Hopefully I’ll get picked again next year, which was when I really wanted to run it.  I did actually think about doing it along with my other races briefly…that would’ve been too crazy, esp since it’s only a week before Vermont.

I love the week before/after big races, because I basically just sit around and do nothing, or eat without feeling guilty. 

Have a good (short) week…ok, where’s my doughnut?



  1. Good luck this weekend. I’m sure you’ll do great! Probably a smart move on Hardrock with your Last Great Race in mind…

  2. Andy, have a great time, don’t starin, you have a slew of 100s, do run well and enjoy!

  3. Hi Andy,Good luck next weekend, enjoy the run it will only get better. See you in a couple of weeks.

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