Leadville course conditions


Halfmoon Road is completely clear to Colorado Trail. The Colorado
Trail (LT100 course) is almost completely clear of snow all the way
to Twin Lakes (just some minor patches across the trail here and
there). No significant timber down on trail. Unfortunately there are
a number of unfinished major reroutings of the trail as works in
progress. (Last fall’s early snows must have ended those projects
very prematurely.) If you are familiar with the old trail, frankly
recommend sticking to it in where you can. Otherwise you will have to
pick your way along the marker flags as best you can.


The last several years I have regularly posted course conditions as
they developed. I do not have time to do that this year. Sorry. What
I will do follows:

1) I will be quite willing to pass along my extant understanding of
course conditions to anyone taking the time to call me.

2) I will give a one-time assessment of present course conditions and
offer a very conditional prognosis.

The LT100 course is clear from Leadville to May Queen with the minor
exception of a little drifted snow on the south shore of Turquoise
(if unfamiliar with course just stay to shore side).

The Colorado Trail section between May Queen and Hagarman Pass Road
will still be in deep drifts of snow. Hagarman Pass Road has been
plowed and the Sugarloaf cutoff is clear to the first switch back
(about a half mile). Beyond that the crust is presently unreliable,
but might work for very late night running if the weather clears up.
Otherwise, it may be well into June before Sugarloaf Pass is runnable.

The Powerline is south facing and I am guessing should now be
runnable up close to Sugarloaf (second steepest section of course,
thus great training).

Of course, the road section from powerline to treeline on Halfmoon
road is clear and runnable.

I haven’t been up Half Moon Road in almost a month, but last time I
was there the road was unpassable (deep snow) at exactly tree line. I
will go up there tomorrow and if I can get to the Mt Elbert Trailhead
try to run into Twin Lakes. I will post on my results and that will
be my last post on course conditions.

From my window I can see that Hope Pass is in very deep snow and
that snow persists a thousand feet or more below timberline. With
good weather (which we have yet to see much of this spring) it will
be at least 2- 3 weeks before the trail up Hope Pass will be clear to
timberline and at least a month before the Pass is clear.

From past experience I doubt that the road to Winfield is clear of
snow yet, but probably will be in a week or two at most.

John Rainey


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