MMT Updates (Karl Meltzer Wins!)

Photos, results, and race report here.

17:11 EDT

Ok, that’s it for MMT 2007!  94 finishers out of 146 starters (64% finishing rate).  Quite a few came in in the 35th hour, including Hans who squeaked in at 35:49.  Congratulations to Gary who finished in 33:28, and to his son Keith, who came in 3rd overall in a stellar performance.  He’s out to do the unofficial Virginia Slam btw, consisting of TWOT, MMT, and the 2 ODs.

14:03 EDT

Lots of finishers (~50), and I eyballed about as many who DNF’d so far.  3 more hours until it’s over.  This is around the time I finished last year.  Gary’s still out there — he checked in to Powell’s Fort (Mi 89.3) at 10:20, almost 4 hours ago, so he should be done shortly.  Also, Dave Yeakel, a fellow Grand Slammer finished a little while ago.

8:42 EDT

A few more finishers listed.  Marti Kovener is leading the women — she checked in at Powells (Mi 90) at 5:13, almost 3.5 hours ago.  I also see that Ed Cacciapaglia pulled out at Woodstock Tower (Mi 84).  Gary’s still going strong.  Everyone’s got about 2 hours to get to Woodstock in order to make the cutoff.

4:47 EDT

5 finishers now, including Sean Andrish in 21:46:58 and Don Padfield in 22:16:20.  I think that’s going to be it for sub-24.  Also just noticed that my buddy Chuck Wilson DNF’d at AS10, Rt 211E after Bird Knob.  Speaking of DNF’s, Kerry Owens dropped early as well.  Hard to tell who’s leading the women.  It could be Sharon Lapkoff, who got to AS12 at 0:40 — could be wrong though, because the chart is hard to read.

2:34 EDT

Todd Walker finishes in 21:11:43, with Keith coming in shortly after (21:18:41).  What an amazing performance by Keith!  Also, looks like Gary just checked out of Moreland Gap, which means he’s tackling the infamous Short Mountain — personally, I think Kerns Mountain is much worse.

1:36 EDT

Karl Meltzer wins his first MMT in 20:11:09!  We should get the next pack in about an hour, which should hopefully include Keith Knipling, Sean Andrish, Todd Walker, and Don Padfield.

1:03 EDT

Finally an update!  Ok, so looks like Karl’s in the lead as of the last aid station check in time, which was Powell’s (Mi 89.3) at 21:58.  They’re still waiting for the first finisher as of 0:35, so there hasn’t been an update in at least 30 minutes.  Keith is still kicking ass, arriving at Powell’s at 23:19, with Sean Andrish in at 23:36, and Todd Walker at 23:37.  Lots of DNFs.

20:46 EDT

No updates still unfortunately.  :-(  Based on last year’s splits, Karl was already at Powells Fort at this time, 90 miles in.  If anyone is to break the course record, he’ll need to finish in the next two hours to break 17:40:45, set by Sim Jae Duk in 2006.  Karl only finished 18 minutes later, which was enough to break the previous course record set by Matt Estes in 2005, but only good for second place last year.

15:13 EDT

Ok, since I have no life, and because I’m scheduled to work all night, I’ll keep this posting updated as I see them come in.  For those who even care, it’s probably more convenient getting this via an RSS feed than hitting refresh on their website.

Excellent shot of Keith Knipling running with Karl.  At first I was surprised, but considering he’s Gary’s offspring, I wasn’t anymore — don’t know what’s coursing through those Knipling veins.  They’re currently chasing Sean Andrish who is in first place.

Also, there are photos up already of all runners going through Shawl Gap!  How awesome is that?

One of the stars of last year’s MMT video, Kerry Owens is leading the women.  Looks like Gary’s not too far behind her — wearing his Yoohoo shirt, and carrying his mango panties.

Haven’t seen Hans in a while either.  Last year, he dropped pretty early due to an injury, but it didn’t stop him from working at the aid stations where I saw him throughout the day.


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