Rockin’ the MMT!

It feels odd that I won’t be running Massanutten this year, but then again, I think I had my share of rocks already.  Besides, I’ll get a small taste of it anyway, when I head over for OD in a couple weeks.

So I’m hoping that Karl will finally get what he should’ve gotten the last two years, not to take away from the two guys who beat him, but it’s gotta be pretty frustrating to come in second after breaking the previous course record to a couple guys who were unknown until that race. 

The big question is, who will take the women’s field, since Sue Johnston won’t be racing this year.  It’s too bad Darcy Africa isn’t running, since I think she would’ve done well on that course — I saw her on the waiting list earlier.  If I recall, Anton Krupicka was on the list at one point as well — would’ve been fun to see him on that course too.

Best of luck to my good buddy Gary Knipling, who will be going for his 10th finish — only other runners who finished more MMT’s than Gary would be Tom Sprouse, going for his 13th, and John Geesler, who has 10, but isn’t running this year.


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