Griffith Park fire

As I was driving home on the 110 from Pasadena, the flames were clearly visible even from there. Many offramps off the 5 and the 134 are all closed. (Stupid) people are stopping on the freeways to take photos. Marshall High (my alma mater) is being used as an evacuation center, which currently numbers about 300 residents who were ordered to leave their homes. The Observatory is threatened, along with the LA Zoo, and would assume Travel Town and the Greek Theater as well. 600 acres burned. Worst fire since 1961 Bel Aire fire. All homes north of Los Feliz Blvd is without power. Dante’s View destroyed. Fire started at 1:30PM, and as of now, no containment in site. Only structure burned is the equestrian bridge. 77 fire stations, and 5 helicopters will continue to fight the fire around the clock. Possible arson suspect in custody — unknown if set intentionally, but likely due to cigarette.

Up to the minute updates here.


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