B-Mac starts on his 200 mile journey

The following e-mail is from my buddy Brian, who will be running in The Relay starting tomorrow to raise money for a few organizations. Follow his progress here.

We need donations… $5 is all we ask!

On May 4th a group of us are setting out on something a bit overwhelming. With the aide of 2 separate crews that include my wife Melissa, friend’s Patsy, Ryan, Mark, Mel, Jeff, my mom Linell, and sister Kelly. I will start “The Relay” one day earlier than every other team in order to reach a finish line 199 miles away at around the same time as the other teams. Yes I am running the entire 199 + 1 mile! “The Relay” boasts the longest party in the world, and I am sure it is going to be just that. It just might have a few more lows and highs for me. The start is in Calistoga, CA, and the finish is in Santa Cruz, CA. I am only one person in a group of individuals who are all going through this. I have just chosen to take on the task of running. Each and every task is just as important and rightfully so, as without a crew I would for sure not finish. Nothing is guaranteed though, but I am certain we will finish.

In the past year we have witnessed several amazing things happen. Some were good others we horrible. While the good things can be talked about over coffee, I’d like to share some of the more traumatic things that have happened. Each one of these causes effects every one of our lives and yours, so please read about them all and possibly make a small donation to each. If you have the time and energy I encourage each person if you make a donation run a few miles with me on this endeavor. (Please forward this email if you know of anyone who may like to help support us)


Organs “R” Us promotes the need for organ donors through athletics. The 2007 Relay is dedicated to three-year-old Katalina (waited two years for a tiny organ donor) and eight-year-old Shawn. When he was eight- days-old, Shawn Stockwell of Eagle River, AK had his first heart surgery in Portland, OR for Hypoplastic Left Heart Syndrome. After five additional heart surgeries, eight-year-old Shawn and his family moved to Palo Alto in April 2006 to wait for a heart transplant. Shawn loves video games and his job filling the soda machines at the Ronald McDonald House. Shawn also loves the Beach Boardwalk where he will wait to cheer Relay participants who are running and walking to help him find a heart donor. For more info or to make a donation, visit: http://www.firstgiving.com/geneticpotential

The John Wayne Cancer Foundation brings courage, strength and grit to the fight against cancer.

John Wayne beat lung cancer in 1964. He died 15 years later after a struggle with cancer of the stomach. During this difficult period, he became passionate about helping others fight this terrible disease. To honor his memory, his family created the John Wayne Cancer Foundation (JWCF) to bring courage, strength and grit to the fight against cancer.

Since its founding in 1985, the JWCF has supported awareness programs, education programs and support groups, and is aligned with like-minded groups and non-profits that advance the fight against cancer, such as the Lance Armstrong Foundation. JWCF has also been committed to groundbreaking cancer research and education at the John Wayne Cancer Institute (JWCI).

We have two friends who have battled cancer in the last year; one is in remission while the other still has several chemo-therapy sessions left. We care about both very much and would like to see them around a bit longer. This is an insidious disease that destroys and takes lives at random, and we believe with the proper funding that we CAN find a cure. We choose to battle this thing by helping fund those who are looking for a cure. The John Wayne Cancer Foundation is an extraordinary charity that tackles the research end of fighting cancer. Please help us in fighting this by clicking on our Team Duke webpage and making a donation. We will be running for Cate and Steph! Team Duke: http://www.teamduke.org/site/TR?px=1003621&pg=fund&fr_id=1040

There’s a place on the Southern California coastline where courage has many faces …a home for heroes where perseverance comes through the door with a first name …a caring organization where dreams are nourished and brave hearts strive daily to reach lofty goals. This place is unlike any other in the world. This is the Challenged Athletes Foundation (CAF). CAF grew out of a desire to assist one athlete – trailblazing below-knee-amputee endurance racer Jim MacLaren – who suffered a devastating second accident while competing in a triathlon. Hit by a car during the bike leg, Jim was paralyzed from the neck down. His many friends quickly decided to raise funds for his recovery, and organized the first San Diego Triathlon Challenge (SDTC) – an annual fundraising triathlon event at La Jolla Cove. From this modest beginning arose a more important mission – to make sure that people with physical challenges have the same freedom to enjoy sports that the rest of us take for granted.

Although not at liberty to discuss there is a certain young man who we have been training that is going to need a prosthesis soon, so that he can get back into athletics. CAF makes athletics possible for such individuals, and we feel that athletics enhances lives. Please help us reach our goal this year with CAF and make a donation to our website. We will also be running for our friend!

CAF: http://raceforareason.kintera.org/brianmackenzie

“There’s a difference between interest and commitment. When you’re interested in doing something, you do it only when circumstances permit. When you’re committed to something, you accept no excuses, just results.”

Please help us make some results!


Brian MacKenzie
844 Production Place
Newport Beach, CA 92663
p: 949.574.2179
f: 949.574.4917
e: brian@genetic-potential.com


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