First AC training

Sunday was the first official AC100 training run from Chilao to Chantry Flats — miles 53 to 75 on the course, totaling 22 miles with 3000′ gain and 6000′ of descent.  A lot of that downhill consisted of the near 1 hour quad-buster from Shortcut to the bottom of Newcomb — very similar to the Harding Truck Trail, but much shorter, yet equally boring.  The good thing (?) is that during the race, we (at least I) go through there when it’s dark.

There was about a dozen of us who started the run, including last week’s Leona finishers Kyle, Michael, David, Carmella, Ben, Xy, and several others, including some rookie AC hopefuls who I didn’t recognize.  Barefoot Ted ran in his custom Vibram Huaraches — I opted for some regular shoes instead.  We met at Chantry, then carpooled out to the start at Chilao, so our run didn’t start until close to 9am.  Gary Hilliard and Tom Nielson had marked the course earlier, so Kyle was relieved of his ribbon duties, but even still, a few people managed to get lost anyway — same turn Bill and I missed during last year’s training run, and ended up running down Angeles Crest Hwy back to Shortcut.  This time, Hal drove over there to make sure everyone stayed on course — it was good he did, since a couple missed the turn just as he drove up.

Kyle caught me just before that turnoff, then we ran into Shortcut together where Hal was waiting — just over an hour into the run.  I ate some bite-sized pizza and pig-in-a-blanket (I still think it wasn’t real meat), then we took off down the long fireroad.  It was hot.  I had a 50oz bladder and a 20oz handheld — I hardly had anything left when we refilled at Sturtevant.  From Newcomb Pass to Chantry is nice rolling single-track, zig-zagging along the creek until we reach the bridge (which was taped off) at the bottom, then it’s a short steep climb up to the parking lot.  About a couple miles out, we saw JR heading in the opposite direction on his training run.

We finished just about 4 hours, as the temperatures peaked into the 80’s.  Hal was waiting for us again, and after a cold Mtn Dew, I took off for my friend’s b-day party.

Next up will be the PCT50 in San Diego next weekend.  It’s the first 25 miles of the SD100 starting from Boulder Oaks out to Penny Pines and back.  This will be my first time running this race, since I’ve been out at MMT the last two years, but have done this section 3 times while doing the 100 miler.


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