Gonna take it easy…

That’s what I said I’d do before I headed out beyond the Curtain Saturday morning for an OCTR-sponsored training run in Chino Hills. There was a good turnout — I think Krissy and I were the only foreigners amidst a Grove of Oranges (I don’t know what the collective term is for people from The OC, but I like the acronym — GOO), but I felt safe, since among them were Michelle, Keira, Jess, and Kim, who are so cool that I sometimes forget they’re from The OC. 🙂

I’d never run in this area before — the only previous visit was during a mtn biking excursion with some adventure racing friends several years ago through Carbon Cyn. Anyway, after a group photo (it almost seemed there were more cameras than runners at one point), we were off on our first 7 mile loop. We ran mostly together at first, then started bunching up with others who were going at similar paces. When we got to 4 Corners (equivalent to The Hub in my neck-of-the-woods), we stopped to let some of the others catch up.

I think from there, it was Greg, Eric, Krissy, Kyle, and Michelle the rest of the way. Once we got back to the car in just about an hour, we refilled for the next 10 mile loop. We stayed together until the climb up North Ridge, at which point there was a clear separation between the elite runners, and everyone else — I was of course part of the latter group. Just before we hit Sycamore, I caught up with the former group, then ran together the rest of the way back to our cars, finishing right around 3 hours. Krissy, Michelle, Greg, and Eric went out for more, while Kyle and I hung out and chatted. The conversation was diverse, but mainly focused around my dayjob as a massage therapist — perfect profession to take advantage of my sinewy forearms and supple hands. Right Keira?

Afterwards, we headed down to grab some food/drinks nearby, then went our separate ways. So I’m happy to report that I made it back to LA safe and sound, and there is proof that the OC isn’t so bad after all. Oh yeah, and the trails aren’t that bad either…

So who’s brave enough to venture into LA? What’s everyone’s doing for Memorial Day? I’m still planning on a picnic/run out in Rancho PV — details to follow.



  1. So Mr. Massage Therapist. What is with the GOO? And you use “The” OC as a term too. Geesh. You LA folks just don’t get it. At least you wore an Orange County shirt when you came down. Have to give you credit for that and now your secret is out. Sorry 😉 Great to have you down here! I’ve had to turn down multiple memorial weekend plans already. I’m running a 5K with a friend (her first race) on Memorial Day.

  2. Oh yeah…for those who were not fortunate enough to witness it in person, I wore my 1999 t-shirt of Tour de Olympiad in Mission Viejo.

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