Day: April 20, 2007

Goodbye Sierra Madre

Well…Lucy just left with her husband Greg in a big U-haul for Boise, with most of her stuff, which means there’s no furniture anymore in the house, including my bed I was borrowing — not even a single chair. A lot of my belongings are still here, including both my bikes, bike case, plus all my clothes and other gear. I’ll need to make a couple trips still, which I’ll be doing over the weekend, and early next week before I have to vacate for good.

The short-term plan is to move back to my house in Torrance and live there until I can find a job up in this area so I can justify getting a place in Sierra Madre again. When I moved here to be closer to work, I never thought I’d still be here more than 2 years later, and especially not wanting to leave.

Right now, my work is iffy, but do have some potential jobs lined up, so who knows what’s going to happen at this point. Right now, I’m not being too picky as to where the clients are, since I need to get the cash flowing again, especially because I have a heavy (heavier?) race schedule this year because of the Last Great Race.

So it looks like the rain let up a little. It was coming down pretty hard earlier — not a good day for moving, and I’m glad it wasn’t me who had to do it. I’ve been wondering how the trails are going to be tomorrow at Leona — hope it won’t be too cold or muddy. It’s been perfect the last 3 weekends, so maybe we can make it 4.