Boston run (or swim?)

Final update: Al Harman finishes in 3:31:31.

12:17 EST: Lidiya Grigoreyeva wins the women’s race in 2:29:18. Deena Kastor takes the American title in 2:27:06, coming in 5th overall. Robert Cheruiyot wins in the slowest time since 1985 in 2:07:25. Peter Gilmore is the first American male, finishing in 2:09:24, 8th overall. My buddy Al is running very consistently, reaching the 25K point in 2:02, still well under 8 min/mi pace.

11:39 EST: My buddy Al went through 15K at 1:12, on a 3:24 pace. Kastor and Akor have dropped back a couple minutes. The lead women are through 30K at 1:47. Men are through 16 miles at 1:22 — the chase pack is closing in.

10:43 EST: The twin brothers Casey/Patrick Moulton are in the chase pack — first Americans.

10:21 EST:
Women are through 10K. Rain has let up. No significant changes. First men are through 4 miles.

10:11 EST:
The lead women are already through 5K. Deena Kastor, first time an American is favored to win in a long time, is in the lead pack, and less than 40 seconds behind is local Mary Akor. They are on 2:25 pace.

Those who have cable, the race is broadcast on Versus.


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