Hopefully that number will make it across the finish line at Auburn early Sunday morning on June 24th.

Watch me live here.
Full listing here.

Btw, the guy that’s going to surprise everyone this year will be Jae-Duk Sim — if he runs WS like how he ran Massanutten last year, he’s going to win. You heard it here first folks…



  1. Andy, congrats on Santa Monika 50k, nicely done! Yeah, this number HAVE to make it through the finish line:)

  2. Sweet, that’s who I get to be too.Any thoughts about “coordinating” with another team to handle the front-side/back-side support. You must certainly know more than a handful of runners.jms

  3. crossing the line at States will not be a problem for you. snow melt way below the last two years and it can’t get any hotter than last year, 110 in the canyons and still 85 at midnight. not two years in a row, no way. I don’t Sim will be a surprise, he is well known of his accomplishments. It will be fun to watch the big guns. It just got deeper in the last few weeks with Lewis Taylor winning Cool and an 80% effort at AR finishing 3rd. Scott Wolfe is now in finishing 2nd at AR and ran a 13 minute mile the last mile. Even he had to laugh.You have an awesome race schedule this year!!!

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