Day: April 9, 2007

24 Solo World Premier

This weekend at the Sea Otter Classic, the movie 24 Solo, featuring the story of Chris Eatough, one of the world’s best 24 hour solo mtn bikers will be shown.  In the trailer, you’ll see an appearance by John Stamstad, who ran the JMT in 2005 unsupported, and holds several long distance bike records, including the 24 hour off-road record of 352 miles.

Info here.


AZ 6 day and Mad City 100K results

Arizona 6-day:
1.  John Radich, 52, CA          377.25 mi.
2.  John McGuire, 49, CO      282.0
3.  Ron Vertrees, 69, CA        240.75
4.  Bill Dickey, CA                213.75
5.  Dave Upah                        187.5
6.  Gary Cross, 47, AZ            111.0
7.  Edward Payson Weston      108.75
8.  Flor Cuevas, 13, AZ              66.0
9.  Arizona Cross, 10, AZ          62.25
10. Nancy Alcantar, AZ            50.25
–David Martinez, 12, AZ          47.25
–(several others in this range)

Mad City 100K:
1st: Greg Crowther, Seattle, WA 1st: Julie Udchachon, Eagle River, AK
2nd: Scott Jurek, Seattle, WA 2nd: Devon Crosby-Helms, San Francisco, CA
3rd: Kevin Setnes, Eagle, WI 3rd: Carolyn Smith, Fox Point, WI
Full results here.