Dos Lunas…ready!

Just finished getting ready for my run this weekend — not too much to do really, other than prepping a small drop bag for Cozy Dell, roughly the half-way point where we’ll get to around sunset.  I’m meeting Mark Weineke, and Bob/Darcy Africa at the Ojai Cafe Emporium at 9:30 for breakfast.  We’ll go over the course map there, and any last-minute items before we head over to the Horn Cyn trailhead near the Thacher School for the Noon start.  Bob/Darcy will be starting a little later (3pm) — the idea is to have everyone finish around the same time, so Chris is staggering the start based on our predicted running pace.  The first group of 100-milers (Don/Nattu) started about 2 hours ago, and the next group, consisting of Sue Johnson, H’ard, and Bruce will begin in about an hour from now.

Best of luck to everyone racing this weekend — Lake Hodges, Ironman CA, Umstead, and those still finishing up at Baja Travesia.


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