Umstead — Largest Field

Unless they have at least 30 DNS’s, Umstead will have the largest number of starters in its 12 year history — 259 registered.  I don’t like how they have a “50 mile option” though, just like HURT has a 100K option.  If 100 mile races choose to offer shorter distances, runners should have to declare ahead of time, which one they wish to participate in.  If they do not finish the entire 100 miles, it should be listed as a DNF, and not get credit for the shorter distance.  Just my personal opinion…

So it looks like we got some competition…Serge Englund-Arbona, who has the second fastest time (14:42) on the course, and Connie Gardner, who has the women’s course record (17:13) will be participating.  Mike Fiorito (15:49) who will be going for his 10th finish, Paul Dewitt, and David Goggins will be blazing the way up front as well.

Race updates/results will be here.


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