Baja Travesia Underway

Teams have made it through to CP1 already.  My friends from Kayak Lake Mead (Robert, Druce, and Brianna — father/son/daughter) were first to arrive along with Team Stride.  Shortly after, reigning champs DART/NUUN came in — they will be one of the teams to watch.

Keep an eye on here for updates, and at SleepMonsters for a more detailed report from Karen.

Update (3/27 @ 22:49): DART/NUUN arrives at CP2 first, with the Finlay family only 5 minutes behind.  Many teams have continued unranked due to problems with rough seas.

Update (3/29 @ 11:16): DART/NUUN is still in the lead, and Kayak Lake Mead are about 2 hours behind.  Not sure how accurate the leaderboard is, since it hasn’t been updated in over 24 hours.


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