OC @ Night

My rule is to never spend more time in the car getting to a run than actually running — yesterday came pretty close to breaking that rule. 2 hours there, and a little over an hour back — the run ended up taking 4 hours, although I had a choice to double it, but because I had tentatively planned on running with Lucy in the morning, I chose to cut the run short. I found out this morning she couldn’t run due to a cold, so looks like we won’t be going — oh well. I think I’ll take a little break today, since I’ll be doing a long one tomorrow with a group of people up here in the Angeles.

So last night, we met at 6pm at the Harding trailhead — the site of Jessica’s TwinPeaks run last month, then we drove over to the Silverado trailhead…my first time there. We started just before 7, and had about 45 minutes left of sunlight before it got dark. Jeff, Robert, and I ran together the whole way while Kyle, Brian, and Don went on ahead. Brian and Don had left by the time we finished, but Kyle was there waiting for us — the three of them turned around and headed back to double the distance. I was fine with the 19 miles (3700′ up/4100′ down), at just over 4 hours.

I tried out my new handheld last night — the Fenix L2D CE. It was awesome! The one I’ve been using is the Surefire L1 LumaMax. Here are their specs below:

L1 LumaMax:

  • 4.6″ long @ 2.90 ounces
  • 1.1 lumens @ 90 hours; 22 lumens @ 4 hours
  • low/high setting
  • 1x123A lithium battery


  • 5.8″ @ 1.9 ounces
  • 9 lumens @ 55 hours; 40 lumens @ 10.5 hours; 80 lumens (4 hours); 135 lumens @ 2.4 hours
  • two output modes – General/Turbo
  • 2×1.5V AA batteries

The L1 is very rugged, and looks like it can take a good beating, but it’s only “weatherproof”, which usually means it can’t be submerged under water — the L2D is completely water resistant. The L1 is also very heavy, and somewhat awkward when holding it in your hands — the L2D is very light, and is much more comfortable to hold. The only thing I don’t like is the lanyard for the L2D doesn’t have the little thing where you can cinch it up so that it’s tight around your wrist, so I need to change that. When I first used the L1, I thought it was extremely bright and had a good battery life. The L2D on the other hand, is a lot brighter, and lasts much longer, although I haven’t really max’d it out yet — it also uses regular AA’s, which I use for my headlamp as well, so that helps to not have to deal with different size batteries. One last thing — the L2D is less than half the price of the L1.

I’ll be putting it through the real test next weekend at the Dos Lunas 100K, but for now, if you’re looking for a good handheld, I highly recommend the L2D.


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  1. So you started your run at Silverado? That section will be part of the Holy Jim 100 mile course 🙂

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