Couple more AR’s to watch…

Lots of competitors will be adventure racing this weekend.

First off this weekend, it’s Adventure Xstream’s Moab 12 hour race — teams to watch Nike (without Ian Adamson), Nike ACG, and Salomon Crested Butte. Watch live updates on Checkpoint Tracker. Also, during the awards, the raffle prizes for Danelle’s fund-raiser will be announced.

Another big AR event coming up next week is Paul and Karen’s Baja Travesia. This is an expedition length race where the winners will take 2+ days, with some teams taking the maximum of 5 days to complete. One of the more unusual disciplines in this race is the desert auto rally, a la the Baja 1000, very close to where the event is held.

Staying on the AR tip…at the Bimbache Extrem14 teams (out of 26 that started) have already dropped, and the RD’s have started short-coursing racers due to the difficulty of the event. The real time updates are confusing, so I have no idea how Bernice and Team FtM are doing.


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