AC100 Training and Trail Work Schedule

Just noticed that the 2007 schedule has been posted:

April 28 @ 7am: Trail Work (Mazanita Ridge)
April 29 @ 7am: Training Run (Chilao to Chantry) 22 miles
May 19 @ 7am: Trail Work (Idlehour West)
May 20 @ 7am: Training Run (Islip Saddle to Chilao) 27 miles
June 16 @ 7am: Trail Work (Idlehour East)
July 21 @ 6pm: Training Run (Chantry to Windsor) 26 miles
Aug 18 @ 7am: Trail Work (Newcomb Saddle)
Aug 19 @ 8am: Training Run (Islip to Vincent Gap) 24 miles

We’ll also be conducting some training runs in addition to the above — just send me an e-mail if you’re interested.


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