LA Marathon boycott

Why do these guys continue to operate?  I’ve yet to hear anything positive about their races.

Report Finds 2006 L.A. Marathon Winners Stiffed

(AP) LOS ANGELES Organizers of this year’s Los Angeles Marathon are promising to pay the winners on time and avoid delays that prompted last year’s top finishers to boycott the event.

The Daily News of Los Angeles says some of the 2006 runners waited nearly a year to collect all their money and some are still owed thousands of dollars.

None of the 145 fastest runners from last year’s race were there last weekend.

The race is owned and organized by Devine Racing of Chicago.

Chairman Chris Devine says the organizers simply ran out of money to pay the winners because it had launched similar races in Las Vegas and Salt Lake City.

But Devine says the problems are sorted out and he’s promising to pay this year’s victors within 90 days.



  1. Very interesting! Thanks for sharing. I did not hear about this. I would boycott it too!Hope to see you soon Andy.

  2. Oh my Gawd, don’t get me started.I am really upset with the whole management of the race.In 2006, my friend and founder of Wild Mountain Runner Club, Freddie Perez, won the men’s 65-69 division. However, they are still unable to correct the online database of race winners. It seems to me that you want to be on top of things like race statistics, especially for the top 3 in each division.They did at least send him his first place plaque, but it seems strange to say, hey, I made first place, when the results still show wrong information.No, I am no fan of this marathon, and thankfully I was in Mexico running the Copper Canyon Ultra Marathon on the same day. Next year I plan on doing the same.BFT

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