2nd Place Overall — WTRS 21K

My roommate’s alarm woke me up early Sat, and I couldn’t go back to sleep, so decided to drive down to do the WTRS 21K (wasn’t it called the half marathon before?), even though I was supposed to be recovering from the LA Marathon the previous weekend, not to mention C4P.

It seemed like a much smaller production this time with Baz manning the helm again after his brief absence, than it was when Vicki and Randy took over, but I liked the no-frills style events anyway.  I said hello to Baz, then got ready for the late morning start (8:30), which I liked, but at the same time, was concerned about the heat.

The 40+ runners took off out of the campground, heading east towards the Main Divide, which we would climb to the top, where the aid station was that we’d also see on the return.  I made it there in about half an hour, filled up my water bottle, then headed down the Trabuco singletrack all the way to the bottom of the canyon — I passed one runner here, and caught up with two more.  From there, we immediately begin climbing back up Horse Thief — opposite of the TP50 route.  I lost the two runners in front of me here, and got passed by one as well, but was still feeling pretty good nevertheless.

I think I prefer going up Horse Thief instead of Holy Jim — it was much shorter, but a little steeper.  Once at the top, we basically make our way back to the finish, first passing the aid station.  I caught up to one runner here on the downhill, but he passed me on an uphill.  As I filled my bottle for the last stretch, the other runner kept going without stopping, but I thought I could catch him like I had before.

I finally was within 20 feet of him when we reached the blacktop that would take us to the finish, but unfortunately, I didn’t have enough left but to just stay with him, finishing only a few seconds behind in about 2:12, beating my time from 2001 by about 10 minutes.  The other runner who finished ahead of us happened to be Ann Hall, who I met at the Coastal Challenge 2 years ago — she was the first overall female.

Oh btw, this award belongs to Kyle, who unfortunately tweaked his ankle early on going down Trabuco, but still managed to finish strong.  I picked it up for him because he had to leave for work.  That’s the closest I’m going to get to an award, so will enjoy my time with it until I have to give it up.

Results and photos here.



  1. I was about to shout Yay for second:) but 10 min PR after weekends of fast and long running prior is not any less sweeter!

  2. AK,Nice re-cap. I spent all day Saturday trying to catch you but to no avail. Good running. I wanted to meet you but had to take off after the race to make a Little League game. Keep Kyle’s plaque. He has too many of them.

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