Teaser Run — C4P Day 3

This was the third day — half way through the last C4P.  Luckily, we got to take a little bit of a break, having to do only 7 miles — a big clockwise loop that finished up on the Ray Miller.  As I drove over, the sky was dark and cloudy, and I ended up going through pockets of rain — it was a preview of a storm moving in from the north.

When I arrived at the parking lot, there were quite a few people already there.  I saw Cindy Goh, who I met up on Nu’uanu at HURT two years ago, and also got to see last month when I did the race again — she flew in from up north where she lives.

It rained off and on while we waited for the start — all I was hoping for was that it would not rain the following day, our longest day of the week in Ojai.  After a photo, we were off into the canyon, the rain still light but steadily coming down.  As we neared the top of the ridge, the rain started getting heavier, and the ground now had accumulated the water into small pools.

I was with Colleen from Colorado, who thought she came to CA for good weather, and David Horton on the ridge.  Then it started to pour — my light shell that I had on had become more of a nuisance, since it wasn’t meant to be worn under those conditions.  The trails were now slippery with mud, and the wind began to howl, driving the rain horizontally, making it nearly impossible to see.  I used my visor as a shield as we continued towards Ray Miller, while we commented on how bad the conditions were, especially for Southern California.  In fact, I don’t recall ever being in weather that bad before in my life, but luckily, it didn’t last long.

By the time David and I started our descent on Ray Miller to the finish, the wind died down, and the rain stopped.  If we began our run either an hour earlier or waited an hour later, we would’ve missed the whole thing.  Oh well…I just hoped that that was the worst of the storm.

After changing into dry clothes, I stayed a little while at the finish with Terry, the OTHTC 50K RD for her husband Mitch, who was only supposed to go up to the waterfall due to an injury, but we both suspected that he decided to do the entire loop.  After a few minutes, he showed up, sporting a new hairdo again this year for the party.

There was just enough time now to check into my room, get cleaned up, and head over to the first night of the festivities at BJ’s.  The “awards” were handed out after we ate — the beanies (fastest and slowest runners of the day), the Blood Cloaking Device (AKA BCD for anyone who drew blood), and the Play Dough sculpture contest.

Photos here.


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