Going for #8

Tomorrow will be my 8th LA Marathon, and I’ll be joined by 25,000 other runners along a new point to point course, which starts near Universal Studios, and finishes in downtown like before.  I’ll be parking at the finish, and taking the Metro (for my first time) to the start.  Some interesting news…Borat’s sidekick and co-star will be volunteering at the mile 3 aid station near Hollywood and Highland, which is close to his restaurant (The Dip) — hopefully he’ll keep his clothes on while he does this.  Also, American Idol finalist Ace Young will be performing at the start, and I hope that Mohammad Ali will be there this year like he is every year.

Earlier this morning, I went on a 10 mile run with Lucy — Wilson trail to Mazanita Ridge and back, which took about 3 hours.  Then we went to the expo to pickup my bib, which was a mad house — way too many people.  I’m glad I only have to do it once a year…I think next time, I’ll go on Friday.  I don’t think they’re doing real-time course updates like they used to, but you can watch the race live on TV starting at 7:30 on NBC.

For more info on the race, you can try to go to their website, but it’s been unreachable for a while (same for the Vegas Marathon website, which is hosted on the same server).  There have been other little things that I noticed since Divine took over…I wonder if we’ll see a Vegas repeat (see e-mail below).

Dear Fellow Runner,

I am writing to you as the Executive Race Director for the New Las Vegas Marathon and a person who has run all 21 Los Angeles Marathons. While the response to this year’s New Las Vegas Marathon and Half Marathon has been overwhelmingly positive, we have also heard from a number of participants with concerns about the placement and visibility of mile markers, as well as a shortage of food in the post race food and fluid area. I want you to know that we hear you.

It is always our intention to improve our event each year. In response to feedback on the 2005 race, we tripled the number of porta-potties in the start/finish line and out on the course and arranged for a donated performance by Blue Man Group to start the race.

In response to your concerns, here’s what will be in place for 2007.

1. There will be highly visible and accurately placed markers at each mile.
2. We will also have a secured, runners’only post race food and fluid area accessible by bib that will be closely monitored by volunteers to ensure that every participant gets their fair share of nutrition following the race.

We depend on your feedback to improve our event. Please e-mail me at tcollier@newlasvegasmarathon.com or call me at (702)731-1052. As always, I look forward to hearing from my fellow runners.


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  1. I hope it doesn’t turn out like Vegas. I ran it and could say a thing or two or three 🙂

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