Scrub Part 1 (Will Rogers to Kanan Dume Rd)

3am – awake, but barely…typically, I go to bed around that time, but needed to get to the meeting spot at Kanan Dume by 5am.  I got there just before, and Chris and another vehicle were already there.  Soon, others started showing up, I got in akaBill’s rental with Melissa and Paul, and we’re off to Will Roger’s.  We gathered at the base of the steps for a photo, then off we went, just over a dozen of us onto the first section of the C4P Scrub run — a 38.1 miler (if you stayed on course, that is…read on).

At first, we ran as a group, then just below Inspiration Point, on the single track up to Chicken Ridge, I somehow managed to end up in the front.  I typically am never in that position, at least not for long, so I kept expecting someone to eventually pass me.  I wanted to push the uphill, since it was my weak point, and to take advantage of the cooler morning, but planned on waiting for the others at the fireroad before The Hub.  I got there in just over an hour, waited a few minutes, got cold, so kept going at a leisurely pace.  At the Hub, we took the high route to Eagle Rock, then as I looked back down at the fireroad, I saw people coming — finally.  The sun was still trying to break out of the clouds as I made my way down to Musch Camp, nearing the first aid station at Dead Horse parking lot.  Along this section, it got pretty muddy all the way through Trippet Ranch, when I arrived at the aid station — just over 2 hours.  I think we were all surprised I was the first runner, including myself, but knew the others shouldn’t be too far behind.  I waited there for a few more minutes, hoping someone would show up, since I didn’t want to continue running alone.  I started getting cold again, so began to slowly make my way back to the trail — a short section behind the restrooms, down to Topanga Cyn Blvd, cross the street to Greenleaf, then pick up the trail that takes you to the Elementary school.  We then head up Hondo Cyn to Saddle Peak, and down to the next aid at Stunt Rd and Schueren — a 3 way intersection, which I got to in about 1.5 hours.  They told me there that the rest of the group was about 15 minutes behind — close, but not close enough unfortunately to wait around that long without getting cold, so I kept going.  A short jog down the road, then we pickup the trail to the left.

That’s where I first got lost — I missed the junction, and ended up at the antennas, but instead of turning back, I continued down the wrong way for quite a while until I convinced myself that I wasn’t on the trail anymore.  I finally made it back to where I realized I went the wrong way, then started down towards Piuma.  I thought the group would’ve passed me by now, since I lost at least 20 minutes, but noticed the junctions weren’t marked yet.  Then I missed another junction not too long after, which brought me down to Stunt Road again.  Instead of backtracking (didn’t I learn from the last time?), I continued heading down the street, thinking there would be a magical trail that would take me back on the course again.  I ran farther and farther down the road, and I eventually asked a resident for directions, which didn’t help.  So I eventually made my way back to where I last knew I was on course.  About 40 minutes later, I saw pink ribbons, and the junction where I made the wrong turn.  I was now about an hour behind my earlier pace, and knew that it would be another hour until I made it to Tapia.  I was concerned about people having to wait for me, but when I finally popped out onto Piuma, I saw runners — it was Rebecca and my buddy Gary Knipling.

We got to Tapia, and Mike was still there for us, so we filled up with water, and began our long climb up to Corral.  The three of us stayed together, then after Corral, Rebecca went on ahead while I stuck with Gary the rest of the way — we finished together in just over 9 hours.  I think I ended up with about 5-6 extra miles — more commonly known as Boner Miles in C4P.


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