Running the Sahara — Completed!

Charlie Engle, Kevin Lin, and Ray Zahab have just completed what many thought would be impossible — running 4000 miles across the Sahara in 111 days, running between 44 to 50 miles each day, while dealing with issues such as temperatures in the 100’s and strong winds.  Their goal was to raise awareness for the clean water non-profit group — H20 Africa.

This incredible journey was captured on film, and will be produced by Matt Damon’s company, LivePlanet, in which he will also be narrating.

I had the opportunity to meet and run with Charlie during The Coastal Challenge in Costa Rica 2 years ago, in which he came in 2nd overall.  Also, interestingly enough, today during the second day of the Scrub run for the C4P, H’ard and I were just talking about this while heading up the trail from Sycamore Cyn, wondering what the status was.

News article here.

Running the Sahara website.


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