Orange Curtain 50/100

I got there just as Akos Konya was finishing the 100K in just under 8 hours — no one else was even close.  I heard Michelle won the 50K — don’t have any other info unfortunately.  I then headed over to the 5K turn-around where Jeff, Fred, and Gus were, and stayed there the rest of the time.  When we left, there were still 4 people out on the course — that was around 7:30pm.

As you can tell from the photos, the course is very flat, and runs along a bike path adjacent to the San Gabriel River — basically, it’s a 10K out-and-back that goes from the northern end at South St, and heads south to around Wardlow in El Dorado Park.


One comment

  1. Michelle rocks! So does Akos. Very cool I can’t wait for results. My friend Nattie was running and was probably one of those last 4 on the course. She’s may be slower but is very determined!

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