Weekend results…

I’m referring to my previous post regarding stuff that was happening over the weekend.

The Coastal Challenge is still ongoing — Juan Carlos Zuniga and Bev are both doing well. They were the winners of the inaugural race. Updates can be found here.

Rocky Raccoon results are here. A couple outstanding performances from the male and female winners — Anton Krupicka (winner of last year’s Leadville Trail 100, with the second fastest time behind Matt Carpenter’s phenomenal performance in 2005) was close to breaking Eric Clifton’s world trail record of 13:16:02 with a time of 13:32:20. Also Jenn Shelton destroyed the old record by an hour, finishing 3rd overall in 14:57:18.

Twin Peaks 50/50 results are here. Michelle Barton takes the overall win in the 50k with an incredible time of 4:26:14. David Goggins wins the 50 miler in 8:24:23.

The Pacific Shoreline event results are here

The Desert Rage AR still haven’t posted results, but my friends Robert/Druce Finlay from Lake Mead, along with a new female teammate Amy, had 1st place taken away due to a technicality, but finished a well-deserved 2nd.

The Wasatch lottery results are here, and Hardrock is here.

Finally, the results of the game was: Colts 29, and the Bears 17 — found out it was some football game and not baseball. Same difference…


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